Tim's Web Server

What's powering this?


Enough for plenty of visitors

Intel Core i7-3930K CPU

Fast for quicker page render

2TB HDD - 70 MB/s R/W

Space to host multiple websites

Two 22" 1080p Monitors


Space for lots of development

1TB External Backup with CrashPlan

All the information is safe

More Specifcations

Two GeForce GTS 450

Powerful GPUs to run two 1080p screens

1 GB/s Network Card

Getting the data to you. Fast.

ASUS P9X79 Motherboard

Linking this all together

Ubuntu GNOME

A free, open, fast and up-to-date OS

Apache 2.4.18

An open-source
HTTP server

PHP 7.0.4

For web-dev scripting

MY SQL 5.7

The behind the scenes databases